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CHOI Kyong Moon


Lives and works in Seoul Korea.

Graduated M.F.A in Painting, Hong-Ik University(Seoul Korea), and B.F.A Department of Printmaking, Hong-Ik University(Seoul Korea), Solo Exhibitions included <Glass Scape> in Tongin Action Gallery Seoul (2011), <Glass Scape> in Galerie Bhak, Seoul (2011), <Glass Scape> in Woolim Gallery, Seoul (2008),  Sinmi Gallery, Deagu(2006), Opra Gallery, Seoul (2006), Artist Space Gallery, Tokyo (2005), and Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul(2003).

He has been in numerous group exhibitions in museums and galleries, such as Seongnam Art Center(Korea), Sejong Center, Bon Gallery, Insa artcenter(Seoul). He is actively participating in art projects and art fairs nationally and internationally (Hong Kong, Chicago, Singapore, Miami etc.).

홍익대학교 대학원 회화과 졸업, 동대학원 판화과 전공 졸업하였다.


개인전으로 <유리풍경>통인 옥션 갤러리, 서울(2011), <유리풍경>, 박영덕화랑, 서울(2010), <유리풍경>,우림갤러리, 서울(2008), <유리풍경>,신미화랑, 대구(2006),<마리오네트>, 오페라갤러리, 서울(2006), <유리풍경>,아티스트 스페이스 갤러리, 도쿄(2005), <유리풍경>, 관훈갤러리, 서울(2003)에서 개최하였다. 주요 단체전은 국내외 미술관 및 다수 기획전 참여하였으며, 성남아트센터, 세종문화회관 현대미술 초대전, 본화랑, 인사아트센터, 갤러리 인 등 이 있으며, 아트시카고, 키아프, 화랑미술제, 아시아탑갤러리호텔 아트페어 등 국내외 주요 아트페어 행사에도 참여하며 활발히 활동 중에 있다.



M.F.A Painting, Graduate School of Fine Art, Hong-Ik University.

B.F.A Department of Printmaking, College of Fine Art, Hong-Ik University.



2011     Tongin Action Gallery, Seoul

2010     Galerie Bhak, Seoul

2008     Woolim Gallery, Seoul

2006     Sinmi Gallery, Deagu

              Opera Gallery, Seoul

2005     Artist Space Gallery, Tokyo

2003     Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul



2017     Reborn, YOO Eui Jeong & Choi Kyong Moon, Gallery artbn, Seoul

              Moment of gaze, Tongin Action Gallery, Seoul

2015     Bling Bling Exhibition, Artfactory Gallery, Heyri

2013     Opening Exhibition of Gallery Hogam, Gallery Hogam, Seoul

              Exhibition of Three people, Artfactory Gallery, Heyri

2012     Taste of Art, Eda Gallery, Seoul

              Exhibition of Young Five people, DBG Gallery, Daegu

              Lee Eun and Choi Kyong Moon Exhibition, Art Gallery Chungdam, Cheongdo

              Real Emotion, Leenpark Gallery, Heyri

2011     The Seoul Art Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

              Heroes!, Gana, Busan

2010     Attraction of Painting, Art Factory Gallery, Heyri

              Environment Art Exhibition, Yangpyeong

              Painting like Picture, Sowol Art Hall, Seoul

              Choi Kyong Moon and Kim Young Sung Exhibition, A-cube Gallery, Seoul

              Busan Biennale, Busan City Hall, Busan)(Doosan Art Square, Seoul

              Painting Exhibition of delicious, Anyang Lotte Department Store Gallery, Anyang

2009     9-Emotion, Dongwon Gallery, Daegu

              Pharmakon, Tongin Action Gallery, Seoul

              Piece Dream Art Festival, Cas,Fundacion Tres Culturas, Spain

              An Art Critic Association Exhibition of Korea, Seongnam Arts Center, Seongnam

              Paintings for lovely kids' room, Darr Gallery, Konjiam

              Digital Realism, Art Gate Gallery, New York / Insa Art Center, Seoul

2008     New Wave in Realism, Mayjune Gallery, Seoul

              Exhibition in commemoration of the opening of La Gallery, La Gallery, Bundang

              Planning Exhibition of Korea and America Realism Artist, Art Gate Gallery, New York

              Exhibition in commemoration of the opening of DMC Sangam Gallery, Sangam Gallery, Seoul

              New Acquisitions 2007, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

              Exhibition in commemoration of the opening of Open Gallery, Open Gallery, Seoul

              Exhibition in commemoration of the opening of Mayjune Gallery, Mayjune Gallery, Seoul

              Kookminilbo Modern Art Invited Exhibition, Sejong Center, Seoul

2007     Winter Sprite, Gainro Gallery, Seoul

              Special Exhibition for Korea Artist's Day, A&S Gallery, Seoul

              Harmony of Fusion, Bon Gallery, Seoul

              Bongsan Art Fair, Sinmi Gallery, Deagu

              Galleries Association of Deagu <The Focus of Recent>, Deagu Culture and Arts Center, Deagu

              Fruits Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul

              D-Oction Preview , Emporia Gallery, Seoul

              The Modern & Present age, The Trace of Wheels and course of Inchon Art , Inchon Synthesis Culture Arthall, Inchon

              Critical Perspective, Some 130 Artist: From Early Modern to Contemporary” Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul

              Real Seeing & Real View, Insa Art Center, Seou

              Recto & Verso of Korea Hyper Realism, Gallery LM, Seoul

              Seoul Metro Vision 2007, Seoul Metro Gallery, Seoul

              Kookminilbo Modern Art Invited Exhibition, Sejong Center, Seoul

2006     Flower break! Exhibition, Vit Gallery, Seoul

              NEW SPACE PROJEC "Idea" Exhibition, Trade Center Hyundea Department Store, Seoul

2005     Black Hole 2005, Artist Space Gallery, Tokyo

              Art Flag 2005, Choson Minwha Museum, Yeongwol

              Transition 2005, Cheong Gallery, Cheongju / In Gallery, Seoul

              Apple Exhibition, Sup Gellery, Seoul

2004     The 2nd, Preview Exhibition, (etwork Space Teampreview, Seoul

              Flag Art for the Gongjou International Art Festival, Limlip Gallery, Gongjou

              Icosahedron Exhibition, Hongik University Modern Gallery, Seoul

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