artbn is looking for New Artists 
OPEN CALL <The Between>

Who will be the next one with artbn?
Please apply 

(The application will open soon in 2021)

<THE BETWEEN> Wait for a young artist who is active at the same time.

<THE BETWEEN> has three visions: Creativity, Edge, and Value.

It is a project that seeks collaboration with artists who express free, fresh, and experimental ideas through various genres, which are out of the existing contest format.

We look for artists who work on topics that can bring about contemporary empathy, or who experiment with the creative expression of the art and culture that artists pursue through philosophy and concepts.

<THE BETWEEN> is a  Young Artists Relay Project that introduces artists who are engaged in various creative activities through portfolio reviews by young artists working at home and abroad.


Through the selection of four artists selected for the project every year, we focus on the process of designing exhibition spaces through various languages of our own, fresh and creative ideas of more active artists. 


The selected artists (or teams) will experiment with the concept of displaying "the work" through new interpretations of the exhibition space and the various expressive powers of the work, as well as a unique aesthetic representation of how they communicate their sensuous soul, the "culture" code, and will experience a new space that will be created by narrowing the distance and breathing with the audience.