Founded in 2007 artbn is a contemporary art project and management group. Based on all for arts, we are pursuing diversity and differentiation represented in the global era of the 21st century, and are carrying out art projects based on cultural and artistic sensitivity.


artbn contains the meaning of creativity, originality, and beginning.


In 2015 we've opened a new space in the center of the art hub area, Samcheong-dong in Seoul. It is a major area where tradition and modernity coexist well, and culture and art consumption are actively developed due to a well-developed floating population and the surrounding commercial area.

We present a wide array of art projects and exhibitions by artists in many disciplines. Our mission is to promote contemporary art cross-culturally for private and public sectors alike. We also actively encourage a setting to collaborate with other independent curators, galleries, museums, private institutions, and corporate groups.​​


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artbn: contemporary & projects 

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