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S I L H O U E T T E 

ZU YEON / 주 연 



November 29 Tue -December 29 Thu,  2022

As the fifth project, THE ONE PIECE OF ART presents a new work of the SILHOUETTE: <Scenery Between Boundaries> by artist ZU YEON, a well-known Plamodel artist since the 1990s, from November 29 through December 29 in 2022.  

This work presents a flat painting that contains the process of changing across two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces, such as boundaries and areas, inside and outside, shapes and contours, objects, and shadows.  

For years, ZU YEON has expanded the collected plant images or circular images of objects from monotype engraving work that applies black ink to metal and prints them, building her work world with the concept of "play-play" for various things we face in our daily lives. 

A monotype is a type of engraving in a flat-plate painting in which a flat sheet of metal, glass, or plastic is painted or inked to print. It has a similar method to silkscreen, but the monotype engraving method produced by the prominent artist is a unique engraving method that can even print delicate lines by placing the desired object on an ink-painted metal plate, covering it and pressing it using an engraving press. It can be seen as the charm of monotype engraving that excludes the reproducibility of general engraving and has the unique value of only one, like a canvas painting. Through this exhibition, she develops and builds her new genre of mono painting and shows new challenges that no one has tried through new concepts. 


The story shown in the work, away from the artistic meaning, is sometimes a personal experience, inspiration from daily life, and simple symbolic and visual expressions. Objects are arranged with rules as if they inevitably exist. Still, it is also a process selected in the accidental flow of ideas while minimizing the artist's emotions and personality. It is composed of one refined object, restrained and symbolically simplified. The objects on the canvas have vitality and are attractive and sensual. Through this exhibition, a video containing works and work concepts that express various aesthetic senses with visual landscapes that exist between the boundary between shape and abstract concepts was produced.


*The video was co-produced by ARTBN X Sparky VC. (The copyright for the video is at ARTBN)



The Black Garden

Zu Yeon Solo Exhibition

September 21 ~ October 15, 2016

Silhouette Eden_ZUYEON_ARTBN


Zu Yeon Solo Exhibition

October. 27~ December. 1, 2017




<The Boundary-a Landscape in Between> 


Zu Yeon Solo Exhibition

November 29- December 29.2022

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