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Park Seohye   박 서 혜 





2015      Enrolling Graduate School of Art Education, Kookmin University



2016      Dazzling Life , artbn, Seoul


2015     Kookmin University The graduate student association Exhibition (Kookmin University Art senter, Seoul) 

2014     Ongoing Exhibition (Openspacebae, Busan)

2013     Ongoing Exhibition (Openspacebae, Busan)

2011     Asia Modern Art Exhibition (Korean Education Center in Los Angeles,California) 

2011     Gift of Spring Exhibition (Gallery Sky Yeon, Seoul)

2010     Dynamic Exhibition (Space Zero, Seoul)

2010     Korea New Fine Art Grand Exhibition (Seoul Gallery, Seoul)

2010     Korea Fine Art Grand Exhibition (Korea Art Gallery, Seoul)

2010     Exhibition “Unlimited Open-ended” (Hanbeokwon Gallery, Seoul)

2010     Shanghai International Exhibition (Shanghai Daidongfang Gallery, Shanghai)

2009     Dynamic Exhibition (Space Zero, Seoul)

2008     Exhibition “Fact, Fiction and Fabrication” (Siam Art Gallery, Seoul)



2014    Selected at 3rd OpenspaceBae  art Exhibition

2011    Selected at 28th Korea New Fine art Exhibition.

2011    Selected at 24th Korea Fine Art  Grand Exhibition







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