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Park Seo Hye 


Dazzling Life

PARK Seo Hye Solo Exhibition

April 15 ~ May 27 , 2016


Modern world has faced extremely sophisticated civilization's strikes. The figure of society  of 20th century was eager and natural moving of every factor of life to a  city. Furthermore, the society of present time reaches the axis of more refined civilization as  the size of a city getting bigger.


Then, is it possible to communicate and be happy for our kind who have lived while we  surrounded by a number of media due to the development of society? This is my starting  point. This is a question about how we can find the humanity and love the philosophy within the  social structure of nowadays; severe competition supported by upper class's rigid ideology  so called "the age of globalization". Our existences have been disregarded in the  productivity-orientated society. My work is suggestion. Think again the meaning of  consequence o f the highly developed civilization for us. I found it in the amusement park.

Especially I was focus on the carousel, because of its  i mage of rotating, the structure of frame, and the illusion by the illumination.  And we  h ave already know that these are our product of civilization. We recognize there where  pretend to be unreal world by having frames and fancy lighting that represent the  con temporary as alternative place for real world with feeling being out of day life. However, there is nothing special like just ordinary people who are disregarded. When you  turn off the lights, as I mentioned earlier, there is filled with just another output of  civilization. And there is not paradise anymore. I think we are only horses of the merry-go-round. We require to stick the proper position  and produce product. We need to make our face smile, even if it is fake like the wooden  horses. And we are living like rotating by the force of carousel's spiral coil.


There is no  need to be human and have own purpose. There are only numerous the beams of an  automobile headlights while making circular form on the road of a city without any  communication as the merry-go-round with no dream of happiness. Therefore, I tried to  express disregard of humanity and sullenness above by depicting the rides of amusement  park which pretend to be unreal with modern material. And I use a realistic portrayal and  drawing with metal substances simultaneously. This is for my originality. I hope I will  rediscover the general "authenticity of our life"--meaning of our life and what is important  for our life. And I  also wish I  can reconfirm it by others.

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