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The Black Garden

Zu Yeon Solo Exhibition

September 21 ~ October 15, 2016



Zu Yeon Solo Exhibition

October. 27~ December. 1, 2017

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1995 B.F.A. Painting, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

1998 M.F.A. Painting, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

2013 Ph.D. Painting, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea


2009 Selected Artist by The monthly Public Art Magazine

2006 Selected Artist by SOMA Museum of Art Drawing Center

1999 Selected Artist at the 21stJoongAng Fine Arts Competition

1998 First Prize at the 24thSeoulContemporaryArtContest

1997 Selected Artist at the 17thKoreaContemporaryPrintCompetition

1996 Selected Artist at the 16thKoreaContemporaryPrintCompetition

1996 Selected Artist at the 18thJoongAng Fine Arts Competition

1995 First Prize at the 5thNewFrontierCompetition


2017 Silhouette­Eden, Gallery artbn, Seoul

2016 The Black Garden, Gallery artbn, Seoul

2015 Translation tools, Gallery L, Goyang

2013 Re-Play: Immanent Actuality, Gallery 41, Seoul

2011 Re-Play, GYMproject, Seoul

2007 Dream Plamodel, William Morris Gallery, Heyri

2007 Dream Plamodel, Goyang National Art Studio, Goyang

2005 Plamodel Printmaking, doArt Gallery, Seoul

2004 play together, SADI Window Gallery, Seoul

2002 OO PLAMODEL, doArt Gallery, Seoul

2001 Play, SAGAN Gallery, Seoul

2000 Kim Hyun-sook, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul



— Co-Existence of sameness and difference(Osan Museum of Art, osan)

— Fun Fun Printmaking(Dongduk Art Gallery, seoul)


— Together Peace(Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)

— Hwacheon Peace Art_Realism Imagination(Hwacheon Gallery, Hwacheon)

— Let's Play(63 Art Museum, Seoul)


— Spring in Still Life(Gallery AK, Suwon)


— Mindful Mindless(SOMA Museum of Art, Seoul)

— The Treasure Island(Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong)

— Homescape(Lotte Gallery, Anyang, Daejeon, Gwangju )


— Weaving Stories Blending Images(Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan)

— Discovery of everyday life(gallery 147, seoul)

— The third print(Total Museum of Contemporary Art, seoul)

— New Generation & Tradition(Gyeonghuigung of Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)

— The Spring of Yangpyeong(Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong)


— Neverland(Danwon Art Museum, Ansan)

— Garden of Confession(Gwangju Biennale Gallery, Gwangju)

— Healing Ground(SOMA Museum of Art, Seoul)


— Image Reconstitution(Sein Gallery, Seoul)

— Lifeness of Art(Daegu Art Factory, Daegu)

— Jin-Gyeong: The True Landscape(National Museum in Krakow, Poland)

— Printmaking & Communication(Gyeonghuigung of Museum of Art, Seoul)

— Plastic days(Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang)

— Light Drwaing for Me 2(Gallery 27, Kaywon School of Art & Design, Uiwang)

— AR FESTIVAL(Pajubookcity, Paju)


—Bricoleur of Sensuous(Alive Jincheon Print Making Museum, Jincheon)

—Walking on the ChungJung -Ro!(Alternative Space Chung Jeong Gak, Seoul)

— Printmaking & Information(Gyeonghuigung of Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)

— 〔Form:像 View:想〕In the Eye of Imagery(Touchart Gallery, Heyri)

— Light Drwaing for Me(Gallery 27, Kaywon School of Art &Design, Uiwang)

and participated more group exhibitions from 1999


2016 Art Bank, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

2012 Alive Jincheon Print Making Museum, Korea

2010 Gwacheon National Science Museum, Korea

2009 Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2009 Kim Whan Ki Museum of Art, Shinan-gun, Korea

2008 Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea

2007 Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2006 Art Bank, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea


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