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September 6-October 28, 2023   

07_임춘희_걷는 사람_ 전시전경_ 아트비앤 서울.jpg

THE ONE PIECE OF ART, The seventh project, introduces IM CHUN HEE's solo show <WALKER> from September 6th to October 28th, 2023. 


This exhibition represents works that capture the artist's process of taking photographs of the changing natural landscape and environment while walking around her studio for an extended time and expressing them through her work through the artist's new emotional communication through those records.


The scenery of everyday life seen from the artist's perspective has become a way to communicate with the world, and every day, she goes for a walk, not simply for relaxation, but to take a step forward with an earnest will for life. The landscape photos captured along the way are piling up like records, and we follow those steps and walk together on a new journey path.


As the artist walks around her neighborhood repeatedly daily, she encounters common aspects of nature such as familiar trees, grass, roads, sky, sunset, wind, and wildflowers. Such appearances are so joint that we pass them by and do not attach much meaning to them. However, there must be a reason why the artist is interested in all of these things and captures them in her eyes while taking walks repeatedly as if she were going on a journey as if projecting what she desperately desires. Deep emotions and connection arise as if looking at the artist's paintings because we encounter the story of the time the artist focused on.


Through her work, she shows the feeling of walking silently toward the right path in relationships, which is what we should do through walks. The end of a careful brushstroke is always full of rough, fluttering energy and longing, and we can feel the wriggling movement to go somewhere. In the hidden expressions, the eyes become more earnest. A mixture of laughter and sadness appears, and the appearance seems humorous without hesitation, probably because the artist's unique emotional excitement is well captured.


This exhibition introduces small oil paintings on canvas to better understand the main work. Above all, six paperworks painted in oil on Fabriano paper, rare among the artist's works, are introduced.


With the theme of 'walking,' the artist's walking path around her studio was created with added visual beauty from the perspective of the artist's feet. The video work is co-produced by ARTBN and SPARKY VC.


IM CHUNHEE was born in 1970. She graduated from the Department of Western Painting, College of Fine Arts, Sungshin Women's University in 1992 and graduated from the Fine Arts Research Course (Aufbaustudium): Painting at the National University of Fine Arts, Stuttgart, Germany, in 1999. Major solo exhibitions include <Walker> Gallery Art B&, Seoul (2023), A Lounge, Seoul (2022), Gallery Dam, Seoul (2021), Tongin Auction Gallery, Seoul (2018), Bcut Gallery, Seoul (2017), Seoul National University Hoam Faculty Center, Seoul (2013), Gahoe-dong 60, Seoul (2010), Cyart Gallery, Seoul (2009), KEPCO Plaza Gallery, Seoul (2006), Brain Factory, Seoul (2005), Noam Gallery, Seoul ( 2003), Songeun Gallery, Seoul (2003), Gallery Boda, Seoul (1998), and Hifistudio Wittmann, Stuttgart, Germany (1997).
From 1992 to the present, she has participated in group exhibitions organized by major domestic and international art museums. Significant institutions include Gallery Hoho, Seoul, Gallery im Helferhaus, Bachnang, Germany, Magic Museum of Art, GS Caltex Yeulmaru, Yeosu. , Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul, Kyobo Art Space/Kim Su-young Literary Museum, Seoul, Soma Museum of Art, Seoul Zaha Museum of Art, Seoul, Seoul Museum of Art, Jeju Lee Jung-seop Art Museum Creative Studio, Sarubia Dabang, Seoul, Jeju Gidang Art Museum, Gwangju Kim Dae-jung Convention Center, Cheongwon Participated in the Daecheongho County Museum of Art, Soma Drawing Center, Seoul, Daegu Culture and Arts Center, Total Museum of Art, Jangheung, Seoul Insa Art Center, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, etc. Overseas in Germany, Reich22 Gallery Quinstlertref, Germany, etc. Stuttgart, Kunstverein Aalen, Aalen, Germany, Gallery Kinter, Remshalden-Gerradstetten, Gallery Alpiersbach, Alpiersbach, Karstadt Department Store Exhibition Hall, Stuttgart, Elwanger & Geiger Bank, Stuttgart, NeubauII in Abk Stuttgart, Stuttgart, participated in Justizministerium, Stuttgart.







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