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IM Hyun Hee



One autumn, I got a lodge in the middle of the mountain. Turning over to the changed bed, I come out, and in the forest where nothing can be seen, sounds of loud water are winding all over the place. Imagining a large water stream rising up and down the wooden pillars in a place surrounded by the darkness I have an illusion that my clothes would get wet at any moment. The next day I woke up and come outside, and there was a small creek far away from the lodge. Instead of the loud bangs I heard last night, there is a small stream of water flowing with almost no sound. Where was I standing last night. On the canvas, the image I wanted to deliver may resemble the place of that day. It is a space that is not seen but can be sure that it exists. The image may be the shape of a flash which was passed in an instant when I blinked my eyes or the appearance of a heavy chunk which hides its energy behind a thin clothes laid one over another. Flowing lines of paints erase and cover the foregoing lines, and leave traces. And as the traces gather, unseen and hidden landscape appears.





The Memory Collage

from Objects

HWANG Min Hee & CHOI Yu Hee  
Two Person Exhibition

Mar. 30 - Apr. 27, 2018



2009 MA Fine art, Chelsea college of art and design London UK

2004 BA Painting and Printmaking, Ewha woman’s universeity Seoul Korea


2017 Black flowers. UM gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014 HyunHeeIm solo exhibition, Daedam gallery, Damyang, Korea

2014 A thousand flowers, Gallery button, Seoul, Korea

2010 Honey, Im 10Vyner St Gallery, London, UK


2018 Journey of Mind, artbn, Seoul, Korea

2016 Abstract Spring. Spoon art show, Ilsan, Korea

2015 Shanghai artfair. Shanghai, China

2015 KIAF. Seoul, Korea

2015 Chung-ju international artfair, Chung-ju, Korea

2015 Affordable artfair, Seoul, Korea

2014 Small painting for Christmas, Posco Museum, Seoul, Korea

2014 Report of mantisangsung Our monster, Seoul, Korea

2014 Crescendo, Gallery Grimson, Seoul, Korea

2013 Who draws, Gallery button, Seoul, Korea

2013 Blank, Gallery Grimson, Seoul, Korea

2013 Chulgugion, Seungmi Building, Seoul, Korea

2012 Sweet, 38 Gallery Epoque, Seoul, Korea

2012 Trace of being, Gallery Grimson, Seoul, Korea

2012 Theory of desire, Lina Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011 I love dream, Gallery Yedam contemporary, Seoul, Korea

2011 Eutopia, Hanwon Museum, Seoul, Korea

2011 Cutting edge, Seoul auction Holim art center, Seoul, Korea

2011 Here and Now, Grimson gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 5 female artists from Korea, Koningsby Gallery, London, UK

2010 New Normal Life, KIMI, Seoul, Korea

2010 The 5th View finder of Yap, Jung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 4482, Barge house, London, UK

2010 Face me and you Space hole and corner, Seoul, Korea

2009 Gift, 10 Vyner St Gallery, London, UK

2009 Going postal, ICA Gallery, London, UK

2009 Condensation, Bodhi Gallery, London, UK

2009 Collision, Gallery77, London, UK

2009 Distorted, space Waterloo Gallery, London, UK

2007 The 10th Seoul fringe festival Team preview, Seoul, Korea

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