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Relay Project

12. 14, 2018 - 2. 28, 2019


1st Exhibition | CHOI Eun Bi  1. 14 - 1. 28, 2018

2nd Exhibition | KIM Jung Woon  1. 4 - 1. 18, 2019

3rd Exhibition | KIM Hyo Jin  1. 22 - 2. 9, 2019

Last Exhibition | JUN Young Jin  2. 15 - 2. 28, 2019


KIM Hyo Jin 

1. 22 - 2. 9, 2019

 From seeing to seeing – the act of 'seeing' has the power to see another one without stopping at the one.  There is an ordinary and usual scene in front of the eyes. There is the energy that I have sensed from it, and the following situations that I have assumed for a moment. I habitually spread out the myriad possibilities that would derive from it in my mind. To imagine the next possible scene, to crawl out a scene that hasn't happened yet and to get caught in it. The repetition of the process happens.

 In the end, the situation has somehow been concluded, and the possibilities that have briefly appeared are fading away behind the next set. The numerous suppositions, which popped out of my consciousness for a moment and disappeared, have not become real. Is it not real because of that the scenes of short moments have not been implemented in front of the eyes?

 Things passed by but still existing, I think that they have energy. It may have come from instinctive impulse or sensibility or any logic. However in the end, it was not chosen and the power was not realized. Some of the things that remain with strong energy in some place are called up by a scene of everyday life that I look at one day. Like the word chain, my eyes led to buried ones from one image to another, create a background for new possibilities combining with fragments of experience on a daily screen.

There is no exact intended story or event in the image I make. While there is something overlapping by thoughts with the image I want to draw, it keeps changing and mixing in the process, moving away from the original. I hope it will be the background that can bring up countless next scenes. I am aiming that the vague forms and distorted spaces contain more multilayered possibilities in themselves in ambiguity.   This possible background may be realized somewhere in the future. It is something that might pop out one day after a long stay in contact with someone. Those who see the painting see the same one, but then they might see different things next. I hope that my images serve as the catalyst to create new possibilities and that they continue to look for another image in it.


2015 MA Painting, Royal College of Art
2014 Student Exchange Programme, Dusseldorf Kunst Academie
2012 BA Fine Art Painting, Kookmin University

2019 Solo Exhibition_The Shape of Things Unseen, 63Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2019 Solo Exhibition_The Image You Want to See, artbn, Seoul, Korea
2018 Salon de KIMI, KIMI Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2017 UP Group Exhibition, Gallery Grida, Seoul, Korea
2016 Solo Exhibition_SILENT ROOM, Gallery Grida, Seoul, Korea
2016 KIMI FOR YOU, KIMI Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015 Show RCA-Degree show, Sackler Building, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2015 RCA Secret, Dyson Building, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2015 RCA Secret Dubai 2015 at Art Dubai 2015, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai
2015 Open Studio Work, Sackler Building, Royal college of Art, London, UK
2015 YOU NEVER LOOK AT ME FROM THE PLACE WHICH I SEE YOU, Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London, UK
2014 Stewards Law RCA Secret, Dyson Building, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2014 WIP Show, Henry Moore Gallery, Royal college of Art, London, UK
2012 Kookmin University Fine Art Degree Show, Kookmin Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 Blow-up, Kookmin Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea


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