Relay Project

12. 14, 2018 - 2. 28, 2019


1st Exhibition | CHOI Eun Bi  1. 14 - 1. 28, 2018

2nd Exhibition | KIM Jung Woon  1. 4 - 1. 18, 2019

3rd Exhibition | KIM Hyo Jin  1. 22 - 2. 9, 2019

Last Exhibition | JUN Young Jin  2. 15 - 2. 28, 2019

CHOI Eun Bi  최은비
CHOI Eun Bi 최은비

웅얼거림, 2018, Oil on Canvas, 33.4x24.2cm

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CHOI Eun Bi  최은비
CHOI Eun Bi 최은비

Hatching out, 2018, Oil on Canvas, 60.6ⅹ60cm

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CHOI Eun Bi  최은비
CHOI Eun Bi 최은비

Rhapsody in Aqua, 2018, Oil on Canvas, 33.4x24cm

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CHOI Eun Bi  최은비
CHOI Eun Bi 최은비

웅얼거림, 2018, Oil on Canvas, 33.4x24.2cm

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Touching of The Touch

CHOI Eun Bi 

12. 14 - 12. 28, 2018

The exhibition <Touching of The Touch> shows a relationship between me and the numberless strokes I made through paintings on canvases.  A series of painting processes are recorded and are gradually developed through layers of marks of accidental brush strokes. The traces of brush strokes build a close connection with myself. Through this process, it is proved that the relationship does exist. 

Therefore, I constantly relate myself to the act of creating and touching. I look into the process with care and sincerity therefore such step is crucial to me. This is called <Touching of The Touch>.

Furthermore, the inter-space in my work consists of dots, lines and faces. This inter-space is not only formless, but it is also repetitively and lively divided into different sections. The more I divide the inter-space, the more I create natural brushstrokes. At this point, the concept of <Touching of The Touch> sparks.  
Even if I create paintings in an abstract style, the inter-space that each individual creates is usually different from each other because everyone has its own unique, diverse experiences and perspectives.  
There are countless, fine, tiny inter-spaces in each painting. Moreover, a combination of dots, lines, faces and the marks and the touches create a sense of ambiguity, flexibility and turmoil.

Accordingly, I am looking forward to discover several different tiny inter-spaces in my paintings. It is significant to find more and more of these inter-spaces through traces of countless brushstrokes. Expressing the senses is the result of my work.


2018 MFA, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
2016 BA, Dongduk Women's University, Fine Art, Seoul, Korea

2018 <Touching of The Touch>, artbn, Seoul
2018 <Filling a VOID>, Gallery DOS, Seoul

2018 Hongik University Department of Fine Art, Art degree Show, Seoul
2017 The 4th Korean University Art Competition, Seoul
2016 <Emerging Canvas IV>, The Indian Art Museum, Seoul
2016 The 17th GPS Exhibition, Seoul