Longing to be Light

LEE Hyoyoun Solo Exhibition   

May 3 - Jun 23, 2019​ 

ARTBN presents a solo exhibition <Longing to be Light> by LEE Hyoyoun, who has been working with various times and landscapes, on show from May 3 to June 23. In this exhibition, about 20 paintings have been shown in different stories on the passing scenes or the many times that are experienced. The works <Interval Between>, <Without Reason>, <Overlapping>, and <Interprets between Light> represent a different time of everyday scenes and lead to a new visual fantasy emotion in paintings.
We are living a relationship with objects that we do not know and are developing a diverse network with spaces where objects exist. The artist tells us that the relationship that affects each other is not filled but emptied so that we can find our most essential things through them. Through the scenes of our lives in a rapidly changing modern society, the artist gives viewers time to reflect on our lives and their surroundings.





Unexpected; Thirst for Understanding


KIM Na Ri, LEE Hyoyoun

Two Person Exhibition

March. 4 ~ April. 2, 2016

테라스. 아사에 유채, 45.5x33.jpg


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