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Relay Project

12. 05, 2017 ~ 02. 20, 2018


1st Exhibition | Su Hyung x NINA CHO  

박 수 형 x 니 나 조 12. 05 ~ 12. 16, 2017

2nd Exhibition | Lim Jeong Soo

임 정 수  01. 05 ~ 01. 17, 2018

3rd Exhibition | PARK Jin Hee

박 진 희  01. 19 ~ 01. 31, 2018

Last Exhibition | RHEE Chae Eun

이 채 은  02. 02 ~ 02. 20, 2018

Cubic  Psyche

PARK Jin Hee

an. 19 (Fri) - Jan. 31(Wed), 2018

"Cubic Psyche (2013-4)" is a series that Jinhee Park completed while staying for his half of twenties in New York. He sat up the megalopolis as a living organism and draws a cityscape as if exploring. "Cubic Psyche" shows the time that he spent in a gigantic gray city as a stranger for five years. Therefore, his works spread influences of New York abstract expressionism in own idiosyncratic way.


Making up meta language of the series of "Cubic Psyche”, the optic nerve is rearranged by the emergence of smart-phone, while his feet move endlessly on Manhattan grids. The walk sense that flows within works maintains by vibrating constantly between virtual reality and reality. On the other hand, the graphs of the geometric shapes connotative of the buildings show biological data and they further show the dynamic transitions.


While capturing the urban composition dynamically, the brush strokes reminiscent of tentacles traverse the hyperbolic urban planes boldly. The painting is divided dizzily, and schizophrenically the various layers of oil painting are destroyed and rebuilt until all desires come up as a mass of dough.


His lyrical memories of wandering around strange megalopolis like a butterfly will be told through his first solo exhibition "Cubic Psyche" in ArtBN Gallery for two weeks from January 19th, 2018.




2017 MA in Painting at Royal College of Art, London, UK

2012 Study Abroad at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts, Paris, France

2013 BFA in Fine Arts at School of Visual Arts, New York, USA



2018 <Cubic Psyche> artbn, Seoul, Korea



2017 <Another Point of Sight>, Selected Emerging Artists Exhibition, Seoul Art Foundation Plus, Seoul 2017 <Superimposition> with Interior designer Hoon Lee, curated;Ailsa Sinclair, Kensington Cafe, London

2017 <RCA MA Degree Show 2017>, Royal College of Art, London

2017 <2017 GIAF Asia Contemporary Young Artist Festival>, Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul

2017 <ArtSalnt Prize Show in SPRING/BREAK Art Show>, New York

2016 <Home sapiens> with Seungjo Jeong and Taeeun Ahn, Oxo gallery, London

2016 <You are My Pooky Wooky> with Dew Kim, Jo Jae, Project Space1, Royal College of Art, London

2016 <RCA Secret 2016>, Gulvenkian Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

2016 <2016 GIAF Asia Contemporary Young Artist Festival>, Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul

2016 <Two Seeds of Early Spring> with Dew Kim, Hockney Gallery, London

2016 <Work in Progress>, Royal College of Art, London

2015 <Gestures>, Winter Gallery Tour of Spinnerei, Leipzig

2014 <Kunstkonzil #04>, Leipzig International Art Program (LIA), Leipzig

2014 <Group 17>, Takt Residency, Berlin

2014 <Painting in Contemporary Practice>, Slade School of Fine Art, London

2013 <Open Studio: Summer Painting Residency>, School of Visual Arts, New York



2018 MMCA Residency Changdong Project Team, Seoul, Korea

2015 Leipzig International Art Program (LIA), Leipzig, Germany

2014 Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin, Germany



2017 Portfolio Review Winner , Seoul Art Foundation Plus, South Korea

2017 Soma Drawing Center 12th Archive Artist, Seoul Olymipic Museum of Art, South Korea

2016 Art-Uni-On Scholarship (funded; Hyundai Motor and Seoul National University), South Korea

2016 ArtSlant Grand Prize Winner in 5 artists (Honorable Mention), USA

2016 7th 2016 ArtSlant Juried Winner in Mixed-media Category

2016 4th 2016 ArtSlant Juried Winner in Abstract Category

2016 2nd 2016 Art Slant Juried Winner in Mixed-media Category

2012 Grants $4800 for Exchange Program at School of Visual Arts, New York, USA



2017 Interview with Art-Uni-On , South Korea

2017 <2017 Asia Contemporary Young Artist Festival>, South Korea

2017 <5 Questions> Interview with ArtSlant, USA

2016 <Under the Radar>, Featured Artists, ArtSlant Senior Editors, USA

2016 <Two Seeds of Early Spring> Interveiw with Cédric Fauq, UK

2015 <LIA Report 2015>, Leipzig Art International Residency, Germany

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