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Jerome  Boutterin   



Changer d'air


 Jérôme Boutterin   solo Exhibition

August 26 wed. - September 25 fri, 2015

After a monochrome series painting, recents works of Jérôme Boutterin seems to revisit the question of gesture in abstract painting. The new series presented in Gallery artbn opposit two different gestures. The first is concentrated and retained which makes a complex surface where we can see all the colors mixed. The second is trace diluted and light which is extracted from this surface and often draw a primitive geometry. It contrasts with the shape informal of the first gesture.


" I want to insist on this event of beginning, an introduction, there is nor a first, second or third chapter to follow. No development to reflect upon. To stay in the moment where things just begin. No preoccupation of what could come next…A collection of paint blemishes, that look like left overs on an artists palette. A place where the colours start to mix and become one, and we think to ourselves. This is great, I can stop here, I can reflect upon this small fragment of a surface. It’s enough. 


But, it’s still not quite enough, it’s still not quite there yet. To use this accumulation of multicoloured marks, to use this concentrated state of painterly matter, as if it was a reservoir. To allow its body of paint two or three escape routes. Lightweight, airy these escape routes are alternative beginnings. Something could take place, but this time from a different starting point. The first attempts of a line, the start of a drawing. 


Now is possible to escape from this concentrated state of surface using the least material. For this sanctuary of paint it expands to be self-sufficient that utilize its own matter, and become thinner and thinner as the line advances until it dissolves.  hat comes away or maybe what returns is within the lines, always the lines. Straight, curved, determined or hesitant. It’s the start of a drawing.  owever, this is only a beginning.


This smear. It isn’t really a smear. It is a condensed state of paint that is a deep well of possibilities.  t is the origin of the drawing. The lines are extracted from its body. To invert the process: the drawing after the painting. "



-- Note of Artist 2015

Translation, Galina Munroe.


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