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JULY 12- JULY 30, 2022

Through this exhibition, three mid-established artists (NAM-PYO KIM, KIM SEA JOONG, and YOON DOO-JIN) working in Korea find out the meaning of the demands of the consumer era created by the rapidly changing contemporary art environment and the artist's spirit at the center of art creation. From the title of "THRU_passage," they would like to reexamine the research on the changing environment as an artist, present another meaning, and show the importance of the passage toward that purpose in terms of how to look at one's future and what direction to bring about the time when each person has built their working world.


Animals often appear in KIM NAM-PYO's works, and among them, in this exhibition, tigers are at the center of awareness, representing the artist as a subject of artistic meaning. The rough surface of the canvas creates a thick Matière that can be touched directly by the artist's hand or used tools to feel the texture. It contains the charm of capturing the act of painting and composing a work about the time included in it. There are endless conversations about the writers' questions and questions about what to draw, and Kim Nam-pyo's visual language, which can communicate with us, is approaching us through animal objects. 


KIM SEA JOONG is pleased with continuously exploring the concept of space and solving it with work. His iconic color, the blue pigment, makes you feel the most profound nature of the space. In this exhibition, thousands of canvas pieces are piled up, creating space in which cut canvas pieces are gathered and entangled, and a new composition is completed by creating space in them. Another is a series of plays of traces and resurrection, which collects the bitter paint of Kwon Soon-cheol, interprets the artist's time and paths in Kim Se-jung's language, and creates a new visual flow when formativeity is added.


Through the "ELYSIUM" series, YOON DU JIN shows the human desire for an immortal body and finiteness. The mythical armor that wraps around the human body reveals the desire for immortality, and several pieces of the human body combined represent the will to overcome human finiteness. He tried to express the beauty of the human body by utilizing lines and feelings and tried to convey several humans with various beauty in one work simultaneously. As a result, the armor surrounding part or the whole of the human body is expressed mythically and contains the ideal of imagination.

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